Saturday, July 30, 2016

World War I Nurse

This happened to be a Mother's Day painting I did for the tabernacle choir broadcast.  Right after World War I ended, a soldier who made it through the entire war without injury, but died of pneumonia.  The American Red Cross nurse at the hospital sent a letter to the soldier's mother, wanting to share more about her son than just a cold record of his death.

"He was brave and cheerful, and made a good fight with the disease," until he was too weak to go on. Now he "sleeps under a simple white wooden cross among his comrades who, like him, have died for their country.  I enclose a few leaves from the grass that grows near in a pretty meadow."

My high school friend Heather was so willing and excited to pose for me and be the nurse, even putting on the costume including the Krispy Kreme hat after teaching zumba one day.  I was glad the two paintings came together.

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