Saturday, July 30, 2016

Colemans in the 1970s

I painted this based on a story about the announcer, Lloyd Newell, from the 1970s.  I took the opportunity to paint my own family.  I was born in 1977, so this would have been about 1978.  I am the baby sitting in my mom's lap.  All the furnishings, wall coverings, and decorations are based on my home at that time, and I found pictures of each of my siblings and parents from then as well, then fit them together into this picture.  My dad painted the two-paneled picture and made the pot.  Apparently the father from the story had a bunch of scriptures and quotes written on a big piece of cardboard, and they would read them together for family nights.  While that is not what we did, we had regular family home evening, and I'm sure there was a time when my dad would bring out a poster or a drawing, since he was an art teacher.

Unfortunately, this painting never aired--we never learned why.

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