Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Need Others

This was an interesting experiment in painting that we'd never tried before.  The story is about a man who gets sick, but he wants to keep it to himself, so only his wife knows.  But slowly, friends, home teachers, visiting teachers, neighbors, and family learn about it, and help him by bringing food, praying for him, etc.  
 What happened on the TV screen was, they showed the first painting, then the husband's and wife's expressions changed and people started fading into the scene one at a time, until you ended up with the second painting.  It looked like magic!
It was very time consuming on our end, though.  I had to paint both paintings, trying to get the backgrounds identical, which is impossible, and then I learned it was also unnecessary, since we painstakingly masked them completely out of their old background anyway.  In the end, I learned a lot, it was nifty to watch live, and I'm grateful to Lori, Bill, Alyssa, Brian, Mark, Ann, and Lydia for their help.  And thanks for the yummy cookies, Alyssa!

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