Monday, May 23, 2011


For this image, I needed to show a college student who was homesick and missing her family.
My good friend Caroline suggested I visit her niece Meka at BYU. The dorm was perfect--just what I remembered from dorm life--cinder-block walls! What says dorm room more than that? I had her resting on the top bunk of her roommate's bed. Meka was an excellent model, and I suggested she try a job as a model at BYU. We had a picture of her very large family, which we put on the wall as reference. I chose an image of a home with a forlorn, wistful sky to put next to Meka, trying to boost the mood of homesickness further. I heard that her father would be traveling from California to view the broadcast live! I hope they enjoyed it. Thanks so much, Meka!

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Erin said...

Gorgeous job! The painting turned out lovely.