Sunday, July 3, 2011

Over Bananas

There is a Polynesian fable, one which is more violent than is here related.  A monkey and a turtle were friends.  One day Monkey saw a banana stalk floating down the river.  He wanted the bananas but couldn't swim, so he suggested to Turtle that he retrieve it, and they'd split it and plant their parts.
From "The Fruits of Selflessness" on April 17, 2011
Once Turtle brought the banana stalk back, however, treacherous Monkey took the top half of the stalk, with all the bananas, and ran off.  But Turtle knew that his part had the roots, so it would grow into more banana stalks over and over, while Monkey's bananas would be the last, and would never grow anymore again.
I like using this children's book, storytelling style of illustration, so it was a fun opportunity.  Plus, I got to learn about how bananas grow!

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