Monday, June 1, 2009

"I Know My Father Lives"

Reid Nibley struggled as he wrote the song, "I Know My Father Lives." He kept trying to complicate and embellish the piece. I had similar trouble with this piece. I drew it from several different views of Bro. Nibley, with varying backgrounds, and I just kept getting more and more frustrated, until I literally screamed! It just wasn't working! It was only when I erased it all and went to the simplest way--taking a picture of my husband sitting at the piano, then varying the facial features slightly to resemble Reid Nibley--that it worked out at all. I kept the background so simple that it was unnecessary to include in this print. Ironically, that's the same thing that happened with the song. Once Reid erased all the extra notes, it came out in its true form, which was the simple way we sing it today.

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