Sunday, May 24, 2009

A True Pioneer Mother

Jane James, a pioneer woman, lost her husband one frigid, awful day as she and her family were crossing the plains. After they buried him, her daughter recorded in her journal how, despite her heart being broken, she loaded up the children and kept moving towards Zion. It is always painful to hear stories such as these, or like the one President Monson related during conference. I'm glad I have not been called upon to endure such horrible sacrifices in mortality, but I see people all around me whose loved ones have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, or who die in accidents, and must continue on and be an example to their children. Yet I know we all receive blessings of rest in the next life, and that families can be together forever.

Thanks to my dear friends Christine (and Scott who posed but was eventually cut due to budget), Jessica (who jumped in at the last minute to be a pioneer girl), Kaiden and McKinley!

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