Sunday, June 14, 2009

Turning Points

I was so grateful to the King family for allowing me to photograph them for this painting. The Spoken Word message talked about a man who had been diagnosed with a grave illness, but it became a turning point in his life for the good, and how he learned to cope by relying on his faith, his friends, and his family. Matt King was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer a few months ago, and has a very poor prognosis. Yet, his family has grown closer, and I felt such a spirit of peace and acceptance when I entered their home. They all know their father probably won't be with them much longer, but they know where he's going, and that he'll be waiting for them to return and be with him. And I believe they also feel that they'll be okay without him for a while, as they stay here on earth. My yoga teacher told me the other day that her brother was best friends with Matt King before he died in a car crash five years ago. When she learned of Matt's terminal illness, she cried and asked him how he was doing. "I'm doing fine, really. I'm looking forward to hanging out with your brother again!"

I was grateful I had the opportunity to paint the family all together, while there was still an opportunity in this mortal life.

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Andrew and Amelia Kynaston said...

Amy--thanks again for the link to your blog! It's so great to see how active you are with your illustration work. I remember you telling me in school that you felt you would be doing something for the church with your artwork. How neat that it has worked out that way! Love, Amelia