Monday, November 21, 2011

Notes During a Concert

I got to paint my mom in this one!  Thank you also to my cousins who also posed on the spur of the moment at their sisters' baby shower.  (Yes, two sisters--I punctuated correctly.)  I had a very short deadline, and it was divine planning, I'm sure, that placed me at a shower with all my models available that day.

The story is that a grandma of two teenage girls invited them to a choir concert.  She wanted them to experience some fine music with her.  As she was moved to tears, she looked over at her granddaughters, and was appalled to see that they were writing notes!  Later, she learned that they were writing a letter to their brother back home, sharing how moving and wonderful the concert was, and how much they were enjoying it.  The message is that we should not judge others too quickly, or jump to a wrong conclusion, but we should think the best of others.

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