Monday, November 21, 2011

Facing Rough and Rocky Roads

Lloyd Newell said, "If our own road ever seems to fit this description, we can take inspiration from the spirit of the pioneers. British pioneer Patience Loader described finding such inspiration on a frigid morning after a snowy night, when her mother asked Patience and her sisters to get up and start a fire. They each responded that they couldn’t—that it was too cold and they didn’t feel well."

"Mother said, ‘Come, girls. This will not do. I believe I will have to dance [for] you and try to make you feel better.’ Poor, dear mother, she started to sing and dance [for] us, and she slipped down as the snow was frozen. In a moment we were all up to help [her,] for we were afraid she was hurt. She laughed and said, ‘I thought I could soon make you all jump up if I danced [for] you.’ … She said that she was afraid her girls were going to … get discouraged, and … that would never do.”2

I was excited to paint this, since I had painted Patience Loader before.  She was one of the girls helping her father pull the handcart in a Pioneer Day painting I did in 2009.  So I asked the same family if I could photograph them again, and they were happy to help.  Thank you Heather, Erica and Nikki, and especially Tanya for dressing up and dancing, even though you felt silly!

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