Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prodigal Son, or Coming Home Again

I was delighted to be asked to paint an illustration for the Spoken Word right before Conference! This was a neat opportunity. Thanks so much to Anya for once again coming through with great costumes, and to Lamar and Martin for posing in the "Bible clothes" and "Jesus shoes" and standing barefoot on gravel while staring into the sun. I enjoyed working on folds of cloth, and on stonework in the background. I worked more on composing the whole shot on this one than I have on many in the past. I wanted to give the composition more of a dynamic feel, both with the positive and negative space.


Anonymous said...

Amy, thank you so much for your wonderful art. I enjoyed reading an account of your process in "Keeping Tab" that the choir and orchestra received at conference time. I am so thrilled like you to be able to share my talents to further the Kingdom of of Our Heavenly Father on this earth. It means so much for me to be able to sing His praises, and it is what I have always dreamed of. Bless you and your family as you share your talents!!
--Karen Penman

MommaA said...

Amy, this work turned at great! Thank you for sharing your talents.

Amy said...

And thank you MommaA for your costuming once again! They just wouldn't be the same without your help!