Thursday, April 2, 2009

Car Crash in the Snow

I know this cop in my neighborhood, and his family was available to pose impromptu as well for this picture. Thanks a lot to the Winds, and to Randi for bringing her Hummer and acting the part of the irresponsible driver. She's really actually very responsible, and would never crash her Hummer into a car head on.

It snowed the day before I took the picture, and it snowed several times after I took the picture. When we got together for the photo shoot, though, all the snow was melted, and the sun was blinding. It made it a little harder to paint the feel of blizzard and chill. I think it worked out okay though. What do you think?


bugga22 said...

I love that pic the girl in the brown jacket that looks 10 is so cute!

bugga22 said...

I love this picture the girl that looks 10 is so cute !!!!!!