Friday, May 30, 2008

Chain of Goodwill

Rear View
The story goes that a young man waited at a fast food drive thru for his order, and the man behind him became impatient and started throwing a fit. My neighbor Scott, a very nice person, played angry for me, while my friend's brother Braden got to be the guy being yelled at. Painting cars was quite a challenge for me. I do better at organic things, that don't have straight lines or machined parts.

Drive Thru

Instead of retaliating, Braden ends up paying for Scott's meal. My neighbor Chad let us pose in front of his Taco Time drive thru, and his employee Francine was her friendly self in this picture.

Chain of Goodwill
When Scott learns what Braden did, his whole attitude changes, and he pays for the next vehicle, who pays for the one behind them, and the chain goes on all day. Thanks to my friend Chevy for taking some extra photos for this picture.

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