Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Intentions

The boys I babysit are always sneaking toys in their pockets to play with at my house, despite their mother telling them not to. I'm sure most of them make it to school as well. These are usually Spider Man, Star Wars or Indiana Jones action figures, or legos or green army men. All very "boy." So when I was asked to paint this piece, I immediately thought of these boys.

The story goes that a little girl was sharing with her class at school that her grandmother had just died. She became overcome with emotion and had to sit at her desk, in tears. A little boy in the class got up and sat down by her. He reached into his pocket and gave her the toy he had smuggled into the classroom that day to make her feel better. It doesn't matter that it was a "boy" toy, that she wouldn't have cared about. It was special to him.

The day of the photo shoot, I just asked the boys, "What do you have in your pockets?" The oldest boy reached in and produced a little green army man. Perfect!

Thanks so much to Kira, Aidan, and their Kindergarten teacher for letting us photograph the classroom, and to my daughter for hiding in the background with her cast on.

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Dee said...

I finally found the time to look at your blog. You are so talented! I love seeing Elijah, Kyra, Aidan, and Brooke in our classroom. So cool!