Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angry Brothers

Thank you to the two brothers, Mike and Matt, who worked around their very busy schedules to meet with me and let me take their picture. This is an illustration of two brothers who lived in a one-room cabin and had an argument. One drew a chalk line on the floor, and they agreed to stay on their separate sides of the house. They never spoke to each other again after that, until the death of one brother 62 years later! Can you imagine being so idiotic? I'm sure glad Mike and Matt have a great sense of humor to allow me to paint them so angry at each other. They are actually great friends.


Mormon Soprano said...

Amy - great to find your blog! I have loved the paintings for MSW and wondered who did them. Thanks for visiting my site. I will be sure to link to you. - Keep up the good work, MoSop

Jenny and Al said...

My mom told me about this picture on Music and the Spoken Word, so I had to look it up! Nice job, Amy! My brothers are so handsome.