Monday, January 12, 2009

Silas Marner's Second Chance

These two paintings are about Silas Marner, the main character of a novel by that name by George Eliot, who was actually a woman writer, if you weren't aware, which I'm sure you were.

Anyway, it is about his second chance at life. The first is a painting depicting his love of gold, because it was his only friend after feeling abandoned and alone from humanity. After it is stolen, he goes into a deep depression.

The second painting is when little Eppie comes into his life, with her golden hair reminding him of his gold coins that he loved. He eventually turns around and loves another person again.

I was so grateful to my friend Trilea for letting me use her daughter for Eppie--isn't she beautiful? And her grandpa got to be Silas. He actually played Johannes Brahms over a year ago for my charcoal drawings--did you recognize him?


Nicole said...


Absolutely incredible paintings! You have an amazing talent and gift! My daughter and I have enjoyed scrolling through old posts and are enthralled by what you can do!

Nicole Crockett VB

MommaA said...

I think your models are just darling. You do a really nice job in bringing your stories to life.